If you find your gateway or domain on this list, It means that it is possible your email gateway is not configured correctly.  Please update your configurations to check the senders domain for SPF records and check that the server that is sending you this email is allowed to send for the domain it claims to be sending from!
Once you have proven this, email me: jon AT blackmanfamily.com.  I will then test and remove you from this list.
Email Gateways that do not check for SPF records  
Apparent Domain Date of Record
aaf.co.at 23-Sep-15
ac-franshice.com 10-Oct-15
adrianastrim.com.au 11-Oct-15
advancedpestcontrol.net.au 11-Oct-15
agathon.dk 21-Sep-15
agion.be 21-Sep-15
alfa-zet.be 23-Sep-15
almirall.be 23-Sep-15
apei.com.au 23-Sep-15
bioil.at 23-Sep-15
bol.ch 11-Oct-15
bottinweb.com 21-Sep-15
brightpromotions.co.uk 29-Sep-15
brightpromotions.ie 29-Sep-15
campingclub.asso.fr 29-Sep-15
carp.net 11-Oct-15
casebank.com 11-Oct-15
centerparcs.com 21-Sep-15
collegesaint-hubert.be 11-Oct-15
compassfp.co.uk 23-Sep-15
compel.co.uk 21-Sep-15
csmbvba.be 11-Oct-15
cti.dk 11-Oct-15
ctmarchitects.co.uk 10-Oct-15
d-and-m.com.au 29-Sep-15
denommeloop.be 21-Sep-15
design-resource.co.uk 21-Sep-15
dgu.de 11-Oct-15
diamondcodedesign.com.au 11-Oct-15
drent.com 29-Sep-15
dutchjoke.nl 11-Oct-15
emd.at 11-Oct-15
expressdata.com.au 21-Sep-15
globalec.com 11-Oct-15
globereisburo.nl 23-Sep-15
hanulec.com 23-Sep-15
hanulec.com 29-Sep-15
happy.himawari.com 23-Sep-15
hc-pauly.de 11-Oct-15
hlag.ch 10-Oct-15
homefambxl.be 11-Oct-15
hskavocats.com 11-Oct-15
hubner-allitsch.at 11-Oct-15
husko.ch 23-Sep-15
ifs-frp.com 11-Oct-15
ihra.net 11-Oct-15
internationalservice.org.uk 10-Oct-15
isr.eduhi.at 10-Oct-15
itsolution.at 11-Oct-15
itu.ch 11-Oct-15
itwebs.com 10-Oct-15
jean-de-boheme.be 11-Oct-15
jpk.dk 21-Sep-15
justinpinner.net 11-Oct-15
ki.comcity.de 21-Sep-15
ki.comcity.de 11-Oct-15
kiteo.com 29-Sep-15
kliniken-heidenheim.de 11-Oct-15
klinkerwinkels.nl 23-Sep-15
kosteronline.net 23-Sep-15
kta-wollemarkt.be 11-Oct-15
kuess.at 11-Oct-15
kurier.at 29-Sep-15
lear-siegler.com.au 21-Sep-15
list.seniorweb.nl 11-Oct-15
livedoor.net 21-Sep-15
logotex.ch 11-Oct-15
lowndes.k12.ga.us 21-Sep-15
lumascape.com.au 2-Oct-15
maher.co.uk 29-Sep-15
mail.eldon.k12.mo.us 29-Sep-15
mail1.monash.edu.au 23-Sep-15
mobileonlinebusiness.com.au 24-Sep-15
modernhome.be 11-Oct-15
mtroyal.ca 11-Oct-15
mz-ac.de 11-Oct-15
nerim.fr 23-Sep-15
oesterreicher.co.at 29-Sep-15
onroads.de 23-Sep-15
oregonzoo.org 29-Sep-15
prefix.be 11-Oct-15
ric.com.au 28-Sep-15
roeslein.com 11-Oct-15
rosset-technik.ch 11-Oct-15
rouma.be 23-Sep-15
rwnotaris.nl 27-Sep-15
schuhmuecke.de 10-Oct-15
schule-walenstadt.ch 10-Oct-15
servitec.net 29-Sep-15
sgoc.ch 11-Oct-15
simplify-it.dk 29-Sep-15
stardot.ca 21-Sep-15
sunshineloans.com.au 27-Sep-15
swissfilms.ch 11-Oct-15
taxexpert.ch 11-Oct-15
tbm.be 21-Sep-15
tendriade.fr 29-Sep-15
travel-south.net 29-Sep-15
trotfieldwindwos.co.uk 23-Sep-15
undergrunden.dk 21-Sep-15
unitron-group.com 29-Sep-15
wanadoo.fr 29-Sep-15
wsd.dst.il.us 29-Sep-15
xs4all.nl 23-Sep-15